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Posted by: Gary(Sunderland) []1:32pm 22/4/19
Hi Carole
Just saw the pic of you with your cherry blossom tree and OMG!! You look amazing! Still got that lovely flat stomach and great body! And have not changed in 10 years since I first saw you on the net! Wish you were mine so much!! But I guess every guy on here wants that as well!!
Posted by: John []11:13am 4/4/19
Lucky you... I'd give my right nut to spend some time inside Carole's boudoir and have a good look at her sexy knickers collection!
Posted by: Kn*ck%rsn&ff#r []8:04pm 14/3/19
In response to Anzac. A gentleman never tells ( ) but in case you are wondering I can vouch for the fact that Carole has by far the largest selection of sexy underwear that I have ever had the pleasure of clapping eyes on.
Posted by: Anonymous []3:07am 23/2/19
4ft signal whip, roma riding crop
Posted by: Anonymous []3:07am 23/2/19
Get new whip and crop. Ill buy it
Posted by: Vassal []10:28pm 13/2/19

Happy Valentines Day Carole
With love
Posted by: Vassal []10:27pm 13/2/19

Happy Valentines Day Carole
With love
Posted by: Anzac []7:54am 3/2/19
Carole's beauty is truly timeless as she never seems to age! I wonder if kn*ck%rsn*ff&r was lucky enough to visit her boudoir?
Posted by: Kn*ck%rsn&ff#r []2:33pm 5/1/19
I did some work for Carole and her hubby at there home in Bucks a few years ago and I must say that Carole is as nice on the inside as she looks on the outside. Lovely, lovely sexy lady with a body that would give a statue an erection.
Posted by: Gary(Sunderland) []5:02pm 4/1/19
Hi Carole
Happy New Year and I hope 2019 is as good as 2018 was for you!
Keep being sexy!
Gary xxx xx

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