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Posted by: Gary []9:35pm 28/8/21
Queen Carole Bikini Babe Amazing Supreme Tight Fitt Angel Body in Golden Bikini Love See Your Exquisite Delicious Tanned Body Nude just Stockings & Heels Slingshot Beauty In All Different Coloured Lingerie Stockings and High Heels xx
Posted by: Gary []6:13pm 9/8/21
QueenCarole xx
Absolute Angel True Perfection Love Sling Bikini Stockings Heels, Exquisite Exotica Beauty
Stunning Elegance Regal Glamour, Beautiful Goddess Supreme Lingerie Queen
Posted by: Gary []8:14am 8/8/21
Hello Queen Carole
Hope you are well Gorgeous Angel Amazing Beauty in White Dress Stockings and heels
Love seeing Your Stunning Beautiful Tight Fitt Supreme Body In Lingerie Goddess xx
Posted by: goldengirl []6:03pm 3/8/21
Hi Sorry you can't view my photos at the moment,hopefully my website designer will be able to change things soon fingers crossed !
Love Carole xxxxx
Posted by: Gary(Sunderland) []8:21pm 27/7/21
Hi Carole - Are you not answering questions anymore!! Can't view your pics anymore because Flashplayer is no longer supported?? Are you doing anything about this?? Nice pics of you on FB by the way!!
Garyxx xx xx
Posted by: Gary []8:33pm 13/7/21
Hello Queen Carole
Hope You Are Well Beautiful Love To See More Of Your Exquisite Supreme Beauty
Exotic Tanned Magnificent Prime Perfection True Perfect Goddess
Would Be Amazing Purchase Custom Photos And Videos xx
Posted by: Bob B from FL US []10:36pm 5/7/21
Hello Carole,
Just thought I would say hi. I haven't seen you lately and hoping all is well. In all of your modeling you are quite stunning. I love your smile and you always look like you are having fun. Hope you are having a fine summer in GB. Sure it is much cooler than it is here. I would like to travel there (GB) someday. A lot of my family's heritage began there. Anyway, hang in there, keep having fun with whatever you are doing.
Posted by: Gary(Sunderland) []7:47pm 1/7/21
Hi Carole
Cannot see the pics anymore as FlashPlayer is not supported??!!!
Are you going to change the software so that we can see the pics??
Hope you're well and keeping sexy!!
Garyxxx xxx xxx
Posted by: Gary []5:22pm 16/6/21
Hello Carole Queen
True Stunning Beauty Always So Gorgeous, Elegant & Beautiful Sensational Stunner
Goddess Perfection Exquisite Body & Ultimate Peach Glamour Model Exotica
Posted by: Gary []9:44am 8/5/21
Just seen White Basque Fur Coat & Thigh High Boots Video Outdoors Walking WoW Carole Absolutely Phenomenal Body True Goddess Perfection Love To See More Videos/Photo updates & Sexxy Black Satin Thigh High Side Split Dress Gorgeous Royal Beauty xx

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