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Posted by: goldengirl []2:54pm 29/10/19
Thankyou everyone for being so kind
Love Carole xxxxxxxxx
Posted by: Bob []3:58am 27/10/19
Hi Carol, you are quite a stunning woman. Very pretty lady. I have been finding you off and on now for a few years. Always sweet and lovely lady. You seem like an interesting woman who exudes confidence and your smile is endearing. I hope all is well. Maybe I'll see you vacationing some time here in Florida (much warmer than England now?)
Posted by: Anonymous []10:04am 18/10/19
I think you should set up an onlyfans page. Patreon is so hit and miss and the payment being taken randomly by them doesn't help. Onlyfans is a much better set up.
Posted by: Gary(Sunderland) []2:10pm 14/10/19
Hi Carole!
Just saw the recent pic of you in that red basque in the bandstand and oh boy! Hoiw can you still look this good 10 years later from me first seeing you! Just incredible!
Keep being sexy!
Lots a luv
Posted by: Gary(Sunderland) []4:24pm 10/9/19
Hi Carole
Wonder where you'd been! And you posted that photo on my birthday!! Hope you're okay!
Love Gary
Posted by: goldengirl []4:59pm 5/9/19
I didn't think Faceparty was still around It's not me by the way
Posted by: andrew []2:56pm 5/9/19
FACEPARTY!!! Now there's a blast from the past, must be 07/08
Posted by: Anonymous []5:25am 14/7/19
Sex on legs. WOW......just WOW.
Posted by: Anonymous []8:09pm 3/6/19
Hey Carole
someone is pretending 2 be u on faceparty - unless it is you ?

see faceparty tributemilf
Posted by: Gary(Sunderland) []1:32pm 22/4/19
Hi Carole
Just saw the pic of you with your cherry blossom tree and OMG!! You look amazing! Still got that lovely flat stomach and great body! And have not changed in 10 years since I first saw you on the net! Wish you were mine so much!! But I guess every guy on here wants that as well!!

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