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Posted by: Gary []12:08am 30/5/17
Hi Carole
Hope to see more amazing pictures & videos you are amazing angel perfection
Posted by: Gary(Sundelrand) []1:27pm 25/5/17
Hi Carole
Just want to wish you a happy birthday!! It's lovely and sunny here in Sunderland and I wish I could take you for a meal and a drink today!!
Hope you have a lovely day!!
Lots of love

Garyxx xx xx
Posted by: Gary []10:13pm 4/5/17
Thank You Beautiful For Amazing Pictures/Videos Carole You Are Absolute Perfection Perfect Tits Soo Fit Body Beauty Tightest Hips Long Gorgeous Legs Showing Your Juicy Peach ASS WooooW!!
Posted by: Gary []10:07pm 4/5/17
Absolutely Phenomenal Carole Supremely Stunning Angel Body So Tight Pure Fit Perfection Love See More Of Your Juicy PERFECT Peach ASS In Sling Bikinis High Heels Nude ASS Nude In Stockings Heels/ Bodystockings Exquisite Amazing Gorgeous Beauty Always xx
Posted by: Gary []10:10pm 1/5/17
Hi Carole
I have pledged for May hopefully can get password asap and unlock access for great website x
Posted by: Gary []1:31am 1/5/17
Hi Carole Hope your well
Can i ask with 1st may bank holiday weekend will i still have access to your website as can log in account but everything locked hopefully can asap thanks x
Posted by: Gary []11:53am 29/4/17
Hello Carole hope you are well Gorgeous
Just pledged today for 1st May access to your amazing website hopefully all works
Posted by: Yours forever []12:41pm 23/4/17
You are the hottest and exciting women I have ever seen.
Posted by: Gary []7:08am 10/4/17
Will be joining patreon before end of april so can access your amazing website for my birthday as that has been my wish for far to long Absolutely Stunning Beauty
Carole you are the most Beautiful,Exquisitely Gorgeous &Sexxiest Angel Ever!!
Posted by: Gary []7:00am 10/4/17
Hello Carole
Hope you are well Beautiful Angel Just wanted to ask as i know you have amazing lingerie sexy outfits if there is any way to send you new coloured sling bikinis or bodystockings love to see you Exquisite Beauty Always

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