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Just back from a wonderful holiday in Florida :)

Posted by thegoldengirl at 5:09pm 14/10/15


I have just got back from an amazing holiday on the Gulf coast of Florida,I will post some photos on here soon.

Love Carole xxxxxxxxx

Hope you all had a wonderful summer :)

Posted by thegoldengirl at 8:35pm 10/9/15

Hi Everyone

Sorry I havn't been around much recently,I have been enjoying the summer & time has gone by very quickly !

 Hope you are all well :)

Love Carole xxxxxxxxxxx

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the summer :)

Posted by thegoldengirl at 9:31pm 24/6/15

I now have a hot tub in my garden :) I expect I will be using it a lot this summer :)

Happy Easter Weekend !

Posted by thegoldengirl at 9:15pm 3/4/15

Hi Everyone :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend !

Love Carole xxxxxxxxx

Happy Valentines weekend !

Posted by thegoldengirl at 9:24pm 11/2/15

I hope you all have a romantic Valentines Weekend with your loved ones :)

Love Carole xxxxxxxxxx

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